Colleague Recos

Jessica is a powerhouse. Ambitious and passionate, this digital producer is knowledgeable about everything she’s got her hands on: timelines, budgets, team capabilities and organization. She’ll even photoshop and dev projects if she feels she needs an extra hand. I loved working with Jess on all my projects because she understands each client’s needs, but doesn’t let them dictate how the team gets great work done. – Matt Clack, Creative Director

“In the last year I’ve worked with Jessica on a number of high-value projects and one thing has become clear to me: having Jess on your team greatly increases your project’s chances of success.

Jess ranks among the best producers I have worked with – she defers to the expertise of her team, learns the lift involved in any ask, manages client expectations as well as communications with services and vendors, develops timeline, budget and scope, and juggles the needs of every team member involved. In short Jess plays the conduit between all of the moving pieces involved in your project. And she does all of this with a determined attitude and a smile on her face.

Jess demonstrates a high level of work ethic and communication. She has proven herself effective at clearing roadblocks time and time again. Whenever I’m told that Jess is the producer on my next project I am instantly that much more confident in our chances of delivering value to the client. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” –  Chi-chi Wang, Software Engineer

“Jessica is an exceptionally talented, experienced digital producer who was great to work with on any project. She always kept the team in the loop on client needs and changes as they happened and was always willing to go the extra mile for greatness. In an ever changing world of multiplatform solutions and products, I found Jessica to have a thoughtful and purpose driven approach to deciding on how best to compromise with a client project without sacrificing quality or features. Every meeting had clear objectives and resulted in advancing a project forward and clearly identified client questions that needed to be clarified. She is a problem solver as well and brought her background and experience into play when necessary. Jessica puts herself into her work and as a member of her team I knew that anything was possible if we knew whom to ask and what the right questions were. I look forward to hopefully working together again one day with a great producer, a great person and, most importantly, a great Trojan!!! Fight on!!!” – Steven Knezevich, Director of Strategy

“I’m glad to have worked with Jess—she really sets a gold standard for guiding production efficiency. I learned a lot (as a designer who was just beginning my career) by observing how Jess handles client relationships, and even more: the various interpersonal relationships between team members in a large corporate office.

Jess is knowledgeable about what each member in her team needs in order to do their work, and can speak to people in their trade language. It’s an incredibly valuable skill that anyone who works with her would benefit to learn from.

Jess was a pivotal mentor for me in my agency career: she knows when to vouch for and when to challenge people, all while giving us her positive psychological regard.

Thanks for always taking the time to thoughtfully answer my questions, and get me the tools and resources I needed Jess!” – Susie Thai, Jr. Art Director

“Jessica is a talented and hard working creative/integrated producer. She is a key asset to any campaign, managing teams as well as earning the respect of those working along side her. I look forward to seeing the campaigns from her and her team this year and the years to follow!” – Ilisa Whitten, Interactive Producer